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Frames Data is the optical industry standard for eyewear product data, powering thousands of transactions every day in independent practices and labs across the United States and Canada, helping eyecare professionals work more effectively.

Over 600 frame brands (you can review them all here) participate in Frames Data, so our database is constantly growing and updating. We work with dozens of software and managed care providers, ensuring that eyecare professionals can access the data when and where it's needed.

How would you like to use Frames Data? Whether you want to load frame information into your inventory software to minimize hand entry and work more efficiently, create a virtual frame board for your practice, or have a handy tool to look up that vital frame information, there is a Frames Data package that is right for your practice!


Online Frame Browsing and Virtual Try-On:
My Frame Gallery

Optical retailers are embracing online frame browsing as a way to engage with patients and attract new customers.  My Frame Gallery by Frames Data offers you an affordable, easy to use platform to take advantage of the trend and keep your optical practice competitive.


My Frame Gallery includes:

  • Our comprehensive library of eyewear data and imagery
  • Virtual Try-On features
  • Wish List functionality


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Inventory Management & Using Frames Data with Software
Frames Data IDA and SPEX UPC

Receiving frames to inventory, printing bar codes, recording sales, submitting managed care claims, sending lens orders to the lab...these are vital processes for optical retailers*. But if you don't have accurate, constantly updated product information loaded in to your software system, these processes are most likely not working well, or at all!

An integrated product from Frames Data can help you manage inventory more effectively, and enable you to stop spending staff time and energy entering data by hand.  Plus you'll be able to quickly adopt functionality that’s built into your software (like using a bar code scanner to record and receive inventory).

  • increase adoption of your inventory functionality
  • improve accuracy of your orders, claims and reporting
  • work more efficiently, with fewer errors and rejected claims

*Keep in mind that functionality is generally dependent on the software package you are using.  Check with your vendor for a full description of their Frames Data integration and for any specific equipment (scanners, printers, labels etc) that your software may require.

Which software package does your practice use?

To choose the correct Frames Data product, we need to identify which software your practice uses.

Please find your software provider in the list below. Click on the link, and you will be taken directly to the Frames Data product your software will work with.

Licensing for Multiple Location Retailers    

Let us propose the right mix of Frames Data products for your multiple location practice!

If your practice has more than one location, you will need to have a license that covers the additional locations.

Even if you only plan to use it in one server, or on one computer, multiple location practices must have licensing that covers all locations and reflects the overall size of your business.  Because even if you are only loading data in one location to manage the inventory for multiple locations, the benefit extends to the entire organization. 

If you have multiple locations and have not purchased a license, you may be in violation of our terms of use.

The good news is that we will work with you to develop a package that is right for your practice and best suits your needs! 

Also, keep in mind that when we say multiple locations, we mean multiple physical addresses; it is not a "per seat" license.  In other words, if you have 4 computers at 1 location, you do not need separate licenses for each computer.

To obtain a multi-location license or if you have any questions related to licensing, please contact our licensing manager at 1-800-821-6069 ext. 4 or email

Looking Up Frames: Reference Products

The products below are considered "reference products".  That means their primary purpose is to provide ways to look up or search for frame information for your practice.

Frames Data Online

Frames Data Online is your online go-to destination for frame information. It includes daily updates, frames displayed in full color, an online wholesale price lookup, a handy directory of frame companies and their associated brands/collections. and more! 

Watch the "Hey Opticians" video  on this page for a quick walk-through of the features.

Though Frames Data Online access on it's own is not available to purchase, it is included with all core Frames Data products.

Frames Data Price Book

Price Book, which provides the published wholesale rate for all active styles in Frames Data,  has been a staple of optical dispensaries for decades, and it remains a vitally important reference guide for many practices today. 

Published in print 6 times per year with 6 digital updates , it's included with all Frames Data 365, and Frames Data DVD subscriptions.

Frames Data 365

Ready to start looking up frame details?  Need to make sure your staff has wholesale frame prices at the ready? This is your product.

Frames Data 365 is available for one year subscriptions and  includes:

  • Frames Data Online
  • Frames Data Price Book

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Frames Data DVD

Frames Data DVD delivers detailed frame information in one easy- to- use electronic product. Use it with an approved integrated software or use the included Frames Data software to browse frames on your PC. 

Frames Data DVD is available for one year subscriptions and  includes:

  • Frames Data DVD (four times per year)
  • Frames Data Online
  • Frames Data Price Book

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Next Steps

Need help selecting the right product mix? Please fill out the form to the right and we will reach out to you to help determine the best Frames Data package for your practice.


Frames Data Online includes a wholesale price look-up and advanced filters to find the frame information you need, fast.

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