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Your frame board, now viewable from her couch.

Create a virtual frame board for your practice and stay engaged with patients.

They can browse and select frames without ever leaving home.

Download the Gallery Brochure

What Is My Frame Gallery?

You can now easily create a virtual frame board, customized for your unique optical retail — without the development time and major expense of doing it on your own. 

Add it to your website to attract new patients.  Use it in-store to delight your existing customers.

My Frame Gallery can help you:

  • Increase patient engagement
  • Become more competitive
  • Grow your bottom line

Online and In-Store

Use My Frame Gallery online to attract new customers, engage with your existing patients, and create foot traffic.  Then, use it in-store to help find additional size and color options to satisfy any customer.


Virtual Try-On

The Virtual Try-On (VTO) by FittingBox lets your patients try on frames from anywhere,  kickstarting the selection process and saving time in the dispensary.  Plus, VTO will add the "WOW" factor to your gallery, creating a truly memorable customer experience.

The vast data and imagery of Frames Data

The Power of Frames Data

The vast data and imagery assets of Frames Data are at your disposal when you create your gallery.  No need to gather spreadsheets, enter by hand, or create your own photography— we've done that work for you!